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Playground Pumps

If you’re looking for a creative, fun water feature, look no further than the Bison Pumps Playground Pump. Our Playground Pump is immensely popular with landscape architects, construction designers, gardeners, and anyone who’s looking to add a unique water feature to their landscaping project.

Like all Bison Pumps, the Playground Pump is made of Stainless Steel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It’s the highest quality hand pump on the market.

The Playground Pump makes learning fun when creatively incorporated into playgrounds and outdoor classrooms. They’re also popular in city parks, splash pads, dog parks, and more! Individual use is popular too! Grandkids love playing in the water, and its beautiful design gives a nostalgic compliment to any garden.

How does it work?

Bison’s Playground Pump does not require a well! That’s right! The Playground Pump is designed to be used with pressurized water lines (city water). The tank fills with water and the kids pump it out… just like a real hand pump! Then the tank refills with water, and the kids keep pumping.

Safety First

All Bison Playground Pumps have the Child-Safe feature, which is a special design to reduce pinch points for little fingers.

Groundwater Education

The Playground Pump is a great opportunity to learn about groundwater, the science of lifting water and the amount of force required for that vertical lift. There are a lot of learning opportunities here, along with a lot of fun!


We’ve seen the Bison Playground Pump put to many creative uses. Many landscape architect and playground design firms incorporate the Bison Playground Pump into their water feature. These have become very popular in the Landscaping Industry and continue to attract attention in a variety of markets.

The Playground Pump has been installed in Children’s Museums, where kids enjoy seeing—and splashing—in the fruits of their labor! From public gardens to preschools, the Bison Playground Pump puts a smile on everyone’s face.

City parks love the Playground Pump as well. Splash pads have become very popular, and adding a Playground Pump just multiplies the fun. Pass around watering cans or a few buckets, and you’ll have the kids entertained for hours. Below is a photo from a park who installed a Bison Pump.
Dog Parks are another great idea! When a city decided to build a dog park, they wanted a fun, themed way for owners to water their dogs. Bison provided the solution: a Playground Pump with a “dog bone” handle. With the hose bibb adapter on the spout, you can attach an ordinary garden hose as well. See how much this pup enjoyed the Playground Pump!
To get more ideas, you can check out our Gallery showing photos submitted by happy customers. There are so many great uses for the Bison Playground Pump, from camp sites to children’s museums, how will YOU create a fun space with the Bison Playground Pump?