SW - Saltwater/MarineThe Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump – Saltwater Edition is made from 316 stainless steel, has a 31’ vertical lift capability* and can pressurize a tank. It is self-priming and requires no routine maintenance. Bison Pumps warrantees these pumps with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Product Features:

  • 316 Stainless steel
  • 24″ tall with a 7″ base flange
  • 3″ diameter body
  • 22 pounds
  • 3-position handle
  • Inlet Connection: 2″ FIPS
  • Spout: 1″ FIPS
  • Bucket hook
  • Hand Polished Stainless Steel
  • Yield: 20 ounces
  • To drain and winterize: lift handle to drain; remove plug to apply non-toxic glycol antifreeze, if desired
  • PRICE: $1,575.00

* This pump has been tested to this depth in a laboratory setting. Every pump’s suction lift will vary due to the installation’s sea level and fluctuations in static water level. Therefore, installing a pump with static water levels between 25’ and 31’ cannot be guaranteed.

For further assistance, please contact a Bison Pump representative at 1-800-339-2601.

Shallow Well Options and Accessories

Check Valve with Pressure Gauge


Pressurizing Kit (check valve, gauge, 6′ hose)


Repair Kit – Original and 2-Piece Shallow Well Pump


Quick Disconnect Mount


w/ adapter $448.00

Gland Nut


Retrofit Gland Assembly


Drain Pin Retrieval Tool


“S” Handle


Specialty Handle


*Shipping and handling charges apply. This price is subject to change without notice. Product shipped in Maine is subject to 5.5% sales tax.