The Redesigned Bison Commercial Hand Pump – 15 gallons per minute!

  • On March 31, 2017

We’ve been promising the new design since earlier this year. Although it has taken longer than we wanted, we have accomplished all we set out to do and then some!

Our goals were simple; lighter weight and more compact to reduce shipping costs, whenever possible use the same components as the residential pump to simplify and expedite manufacturing, fit in wells with an electric submersible, maintain or increase volume output, maintain or increase durability, and reduce the price. We succeeded on all fronts!

  • We have cut the weight from 125 pounds to 62 pounds
  • The spout, body and tamper-proof well adapter are consistent with the residential pump and the matte finish reduces costly labor
  • All commercial pumps are designed as an offset to accommodate an electric submersible in the well
  • The volume increased from 8 – 10 gpm to 12-15 gpm. This is due to the 36″ t-handle which is easier to pump and has a 12″ stroke versus a 5 1/2″ stroke
  • The durability has been tested and we replaced the stainless steel cable from the original pump. This Bison Pump will provide a lifetime of dependable water
  • Finally, through the redesign we are able to lower the price of the pump by $650.00 (new price $2,848.00) and the cylinder by $17.00 (new price $438.00).

New Bison Commercial Pump

We have not given this new redesign a name. Many people submitted names for our contest; we will decide before the first one leaves our door. We are manufacturing the first batch and they will be available to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Price $2,848.00 plus shipping and handling

*Cylinder, pipe and rod sold separately.

Call and order yours today! 1-800-339-2601.



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