Transfer Pump

All Bison Pumps are pressure pumps. They may be used to pump water into your pressure tank. Purchase a check valve or pressurizing kit (check valve and 5? stainless steel hose) for this purpose. Click here for the Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump Comparison Chart.


Repair Kit SW Standard (Roll Pin) Instructions
Repair Kit SW Standard (Set Screw) Instructions
Repair Kit SW Utility Instructions
Standard Hand Pump Installation Manual
2-Piece Hand Pump Installation Manual
Quick Disconnect Option Installation Manual
Utility Hand Pump Installation Manual

Spec Sheets

Standard Hand Pump Spec Sheet
Utility Hand Pump Spec Sheet

The Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump Model 700 is a suction lift pump for static water levels less than 25 vertical feet and up to 300 +/- horizontal feet. This pump produces approximately 7 oz. of water per stroke, about 18 strokes per gallon. Its flange is designed to allow installation near a sink, and the elegant design and hand-polished finish is a beautiful additional to any room.

Optional Add-ons:

Child Proof

This option eliminates pinch points that could be dangerous for small children operating the pump.

Tamper Proof

This hardware helps to prevent theft or tampering with your pump and water.


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