New Uses for Bison Pumps – Playgrounds

  • On March 31, 2017
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Nature's Playground - Australia

Bison Pumps – A New Feature in Nature’s Playground

The Bison Pump is making a big splash in Australia. This installation by Nature’s Playground features the Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump.

When asked about this particular installation, this was the reply:

“We have 2 shallow underground reservoirs connected together. One under the pump and the other at the end of the creek bed. These just recycle. We also installed float valves that are hard plumbed into a main’s water supply to ensure the reservoirs never run out of water. They just keep themselves at the level set by us. This was part of our design for the playground and was not requested by the client. Once we presented the concept to them, they simply loved it. The creek bed was built using local riverstones and all concreted into position to form a hard water run. This client now has one of these in each of his 5 day care centres.”

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