Bison Pumps receives the Entrepreneur of the Year award from LEADers (Encouraging Aroostook Development) and Momentum Aroostook.

Hand Water Pumps Developed by Bison Pumps Family

Back Row: A Bartley, L Cyr, D Richardson, L Vincent, J LaRue, J Lawson, T Brewer, and Jon Harbison – Front Row: M King, Dave Harbison (owner), and G Kreyssig

The award was presented to David Harbison Jr., owner and president. With family in attendance, David gave credit to his team of skilled craftsmen and professionals for their innovation and teamwork.

Due to demand created by the Ice Storm of ’98, Harbison Plumbing and Heating personnel developed and manufactured a stainless steel hand pump. Currently, Bison Pumps manufactures hand water pumps for both shallow and deep well applications. Recent additions to the Bison hand water pump product line is the marine/saltwater shallow well hand pump, the “portable” shallow well transfer pump, and the commercial deep well hand pump. A new look for the Bison Pump includes an array of designs available through water transfer printing.

Harbison said, “If you want access to your well water and physics does not render it impossible, then Bison Pumps can do it. We sell many custom application hand water pumps every year. Recently, we modified our shallow well pump for a playground in Singapore to demonstrate how water is used to create energy. A customer wanted to pump saltwater into her hot tub. Every day is a challenge, but in a good way. When you have to adjust daily to meet customer’s needs, then change becomes easier in all aspects of the business.”

Not only has the Bison Pumps hand water pump product line expanded, the entire organization has taken the next steps to facilitate growth. According to Harbison, “We have added new equipment for precision machining and personnel to develop almost every component in-house. Bison Pumps applied for and will soon be admitted into OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program. On the management side, the company upgraded their accounting system to allow fore more timely decisions. Finally, Bison Pumps have increased their focus on marketing their products primarily through the internet and social media.

These efforts, as well as a global community turning toward self-sufficiency and preparedness, have resulted in 20-30% increase in hand water pump sales annually for the past few years. The expectation at Bison Pumps is to see a continued trend in growth and they are ready to lead the way.

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