Hand Pump for “Fake Rock” Well Covers

  • On March 31, 2017

I admit when I started at Bison Pumps in 2012, my knowledge of water wells was limited to a fake rockvision of a big round hole, bucket and rope. I’ve learned a lot since 2012 and the most important thing was there is nothing “standard” about a well, well casing, or installation.

In fact, last year I learned about the “fake rock”. Being from Maine, well casings stick up throughout the countryside. Ours are pretty standard 6″ casings with pipes and wires coming underground to the home (can’t have those pipes freezing!)

So my office is next door to Judy, our awesome salesperson. I heard her ask “do you have a fake rock”? I thought that was pretty personal and very offensive if she was talking to a lady about her engagement ring. So I asked her, “what’s the deal?” It seems in many of the Atlantic States (think Carolina’s, Virginia’s, Georgia, etc.), their well casings are below grade or fairly close to the ground. Their pipes and wires for the electric submersible come out the top of the well cover. To protect this apparatus and protect pipes from freezing, many homeowners invest in a “fake rock”.

Our standard deep well hand pump is 36″ tall and would not work under the “fake rock”. Owners did not want to extend their casing above ground as they liked to keep their pump hidden under the rock or pump house. This is when we developed the low-profile hand pump.

DWLPSHANDLEThe body of this pump is only 8″ tall. The handle is detachable and is vertical for easy pumping as you stand up straight. This pump pictured has the 1″ elbow to attach the piping going to your house from the submersible with an 1 1/4″ nipple under the well adapter to connect your submersible piping from inside the well. There is a 1″ FIPS hole for the wires to come out the top of the casing.

Because the pump is so low to the ground due to below grade installation and small body size, the low profile pump is designed to remove the 1″ spout elbow to reveal a 1″ FIPS connection to either hard pipe back into the line heading into the house or connect through our pressurizing kit. The pressurizing kit comes with a check valve, pressure gauge, and stainless steel hose.

Because people are concerned about securing their pumps, each low profile hand pump is manufactured with a tamper proof well adapter. Special bolts are used to fasten to the well casing. If even more security is desired, we have the tamper-proof cap which can be purchased so that when the handle is detached, the cap sits down over the lift rod and can be locked through the ears on the hand pump. Therefore no one can pump the pump with or without the handle.

This pump is available with out the submersible connection for anyone who wants a smaller pump that is easier to disguise.

Oh the lengths we went through to provide a hand pump to our customers in our southern-Atlantic states! Because we can custom build any hand pump, we can accommodate any piping size from the submersible. Just let us know and we’ll make it work for you.



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