Discontinued Finish on Shallow Well Hand Pumps

  • On March 31, 2017

We are spring cleaning our shelves and we have the following pumps we would like to see sold so we can make room for our big sellers. Therefore we are offering the following pumps at a discounted price. These are our shallow well hand pumps; but special!

Yes, you can have a custom finish if you like.

Marine SW Hand Pump

The first pump is our Marine Edition made from 316 stainless steel. It was designed for locations near saltwater.

Original Price: $1,575.00 Discounted Price: $1,325.00

SAVE $250.00

The pumps below are our standard shallow well hand pump but with a water transfer print design. These pumps are one of a kind! We have (1) pink camo, (1) military green camo, and (3) vista print camo.

Original Price: $1,425.00 Discounted Price: $1,125.00

SAVE $300.00 Get these great designs at the same price as our standard shallow well hand pump. Yes, they are stainless steel under that great design.

Full Line Bison Pumps Shallow Well Hand Pumps



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