Dealer Recognition – Darby Well Drilling

  • On March 31, 2017

We are pleased to recognize James Darby Well Drilling LLC of Rock Hill, South Carolina. James and crew lead our dealer sales for the quick disconnect hand pump. A quick disconnect set-up allows the customer to store the pump head out of sight and leaves a contaminant-free well adapter on the well casing. We so appreciate James and everyone at Darby Well as last year was a big year for them and Bison Pumps. Thank you for your professional service to the Bison customers of South Carolina and beyond.

James Darby Well Drilling LLC,2512 Zinker Road Rock Hill, SC 29732 Phone (803) 329-2424

1. To what do you attribute your success in being a Bison Pumps dealer? Why do you believe you sell so many? People want security life and for life to exist you must have water. Our customer recognize the changes around them. There are drought periods, electrical grid failures, rising water rates, public water contamination, homeland security threats, and more. Mostly we succeeded in being a bison dealer due to our reputation of doing quality work at a reasonable price. We recommend products that we know will last longer and work better.

2. You mostly sell quick disconnect hand pumps. What do you like about this line of products? We mostly sell Bison Deep well hand pumps with the quick disconnect head and an elbow that is manufactured/integrated onto the well cap. The threaded elbow is for the use of an electric submersible pump in the 6″ well with the hand pump cylinder together on separate drop pipe. The majority of wells in our area are 6″ wells and we drill mainly 6″ wells. The quick disconnect hand pump gives customers reassurance on their investment. Sometimes the location is left unattended for long periods of time and theft deterrent is a major factor. Another factor is some neighborhoods have strict homeowner associations and will not allow something like a hand pump protruding off the well, which is ridiculous but has happened. HOAs want all wells to look the same and well covers be roughly the same height which only allows the well head and the 6″ casing to be covered by a 2’x2′ well cover. With the QD deep well hand pump this is possible.

3. What is the prevailing reason you hear for customers buying hand pumps? Most customers want a hand pump for emergence back up during power outages.

4. What are the challenges you face with selling, installing, servicing hand pumps? Challenges we face with selling hand pumps to potential customers is always the price. Some people think of the “old fashion” pitcher pumps when they think about price. Unfortunately, those types of pumps do not work well in our area due to the water level being below 25′. Pitcher pumps need to be primed frequently as well. Installing these pumps we come across very little problems. The 6″ casing diameters and materials slightly differ in our area. We have some casings that are a true 6″ I.D. pvc or steel and some 6 1/8th “pvc and 6 1/4″pvc . Usually the Bison hand pump cap gives us some room to work with. We have yet to service a hand pump. I can imagine that we may have a small amount of difficulty pulling one of the cylinders out without pulling the 4” submersible out with it.

5. What do you like about Bison Pumps that keeps you using our product? I like using Bison because I know the customer will be satisfied for years to come due to the fact that the quality is by far the best on the market.

6. What advice do you have for other Bison Pumps dealers to be successful? I suggest that you inform and educate the customer on how the Bison hand pump differs from old fashion hand pumps. Bison Hands Pumps are performance hand pumps. They can move some water! A worthy investment! Quick Disconnect Installation Handbook



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