Bison Water Bore Pump System

The Bison Water Bore Pump System is designed to be installed in your existing bore well casing alongside your existing submersible electric pump, making the Bison Pump perfect for emergency back-up situations when the power is out.

The Bison Water Bore Pump System includes a stainless steel pump head, sufficient eight (8) foot sections of PVC pipe & rod (includes hardware) to reach approximately 20’ below your static water level, a cylinder sized to match the well statistics, installation paddle, safety rope, rod retrieval tool and owner’s manual. That’s everything you need to install the pump except for standard wrenches.

The Bison pump head is made in the USA and boasts unrivaled quality in design and construction. The stainless steel body guarantees rust prevention and ensures safe, uncontaminated water. It can also be used as a stand-alone pump to provide fresh water from the well. It is freeze proof and built to withstand harsh climates. It is designed to draw water from as deep as a 250-foot static water level.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction (Body, Lift Rod, Handle, Hardware)
  • Welded Components
    Hand-Polished for a Professional Shine Finish
  • Approx. 20 oz. per stroke (with a 3-inch cylinder)
  • Pump from 250 Feet Deep
  • No Priming
  • No Routine Maintenance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with Most Submersible Connections

Here’s What is Included

Based most deep bore water pump applications, we recommend a pump system which includes the standard deep bore pump head and following items:

1 – Stainless Steel Pump Head (configured to match your well casing)
1 – Stainless Steel Bottom Plate Kit (with gasket sized to match your well casing)
1 – Deep Well Stainless Steel Cylinder (with safety rope net)
1 – Drop Pipe and Rod (in 8’ lengths sufficient to reach approximately 20’ below your static water level)
1 – Brass Hose Bibb Cap
1 – Installation Paddle
1 – Rod Retrieval Tool
4 – Socket Set-Cup Point and Cup Point Cover
1 – Installation Manual

Note that additional items may be needed for your specific setup. Please use our Quote Request Form to have our sales representative contact you to discuss your setup and provide an accurate quote. A copy of the quote request will be emailed to you for your reference.

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