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  • On March 31, 2017

#TBT – I was about 14 in this picture. Bison Pumps had designed the Bison DeepJon Harbison and the old water pump Well Hand Pump (our first cylinder is attached to the side of the barrel in this picture). Never one to reinvent the wheel, dad bought one of those cast iron jobbies and it looks like I was doing a little pre-R&D before we ventured into the shallow well hand pump market.

Here it is 2015 and I have watched the evolution of the Bison Pump and its been a pretty remarkable journey. We developed the only (that I know of) stainless steel shallow well hand pump. The Bison Pumps one-piece shallow well hand pump evolved so that it could be winterized for camps and cottages closed for the winter. Last year, we used this great design and modified it to become a basement dweller! Yup, for those people who want emergency water when the power goes out, hooked right into their water lines coming in from the well, and we removed the bells and whistles of winterization. We started selling this version called our “utility pump” in March 2015 and they fly off the shelves like hotcakes!

Bison Pumps Playground Pump KitNow we have quick disconnect mounts so they can be used in the summer on top of the well casing. If that wasn’t enough, we developed the playground pump kit out of the shallow well pumps! The tank is attached to a pressurized line and kids can play with their OWN Bison Pump! Kids parks, preschools and daycares are loving the opportunity to teach children about water conservation and play all at the same time. We’ve had them epoxy-coated to match landscaping and color schemes too!

Fifteen years have gone by since that first picture and I can’t get over how far we’ve come with our products and as an organization.

Last year I got married and dad and the Bison guys recreated that set up with a Bison Pump as a wedding gift. They included a Schlitz tap handle and my fire helmet number as the serial number. It’s that attention to the littlest detail which makes a Bison Pump the premiere hand pump on the market today.

Bison Beverage Pump - Call for Quote

New Product! Bison Beverage Pump.

So it will be interesting what I will find Bison Pumps doing 15 years from now. I know they will be making products that are functional, durable and made with Bison’s excellent craftsmanship; the same 15 years ago, today, and well into the future.

Jon Harbison, Bison Pumps and Harbison’s P,H,& AC



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