Bison Pumps Recognized Before Congress

  • On January 20, 2017
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Bison Pumps Receives Congressional Record

David Harbison Jr. received a Congressional Record from Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Presenting the Congressional Record to David was Sharon Campbell from Senator Angus King’s office and Adam Lachman, Manufacturing for Maine liaison.

A “Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published by the United States Government Printing Office, and is issued when the United States Congress is in session.”

This is what is stated on the congressional record by Senator Angus King:

Mr. President, I wish to commend David A. Harbison, Jr., and his company, Bison Pumps, for being named the 2013 Aroostook Entrepreneur of the Year. Bison Pumps, located in Houlton, ME, both designs and manufactures hand-powered water pumps. These impressive and elegant devices provide reliable access to well water without the need for any electricity.

The first Bison Pump was born out of necessity during Maine’s Great Ice Storm of 1998, which crippled parts of Maine for several weeks. Over half of our State lost power, some areas for more than 2 weeks. Like many Mainers faced with adversity, Mr. Harbison and his team of plumbers responded to disaster with resilience and innovation. They designed and built what would be the first Bison hand pump, which allowed people whose electric pumps were inoperable in the aftermath of the storm to access the water in their wells. Since 1998, this timely and resourceful design has gained international appeal and application.

Now a strong and growing business with 12 employees, Bison Pumps sells its polished stainless steel products around the country and all over the world. From the woods of northern Maine to the hustle and bustle of Singapore, these pumps are making a difference by allowing people to access well water without electricity. Just recently, a ministry organization bought one of the pumps, which is now helping them provide much needed clean water to people in Haiti.

We have many great small businesses in Maine, and the 2013 Aroostook Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, Mr. Harbison and Bison Pumps, is certainly one of them. Bison Pumps represents the Bold, free-thinking spirit that defines the State of Maine. I am proud to join in recognizing their ingenuity, and I expect they will continue to impress us – both in Maine and around the world with their superb products.



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