• On January 18, 2018

Conway, Arkansas: January 18, 2018– The owner of a local manufacturer was awarded the “Patriot Award” by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

“As a U.S. manufacturer, supporting our servicemembers is always a top priority. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help serve our country and especially our servicemembers.” -Tony Davis, Co-Owner

Bison Pumps is a manufacturer of Stainless Steel hand pumps for use in private groundwater wells. They are also a regular employer of retired servicemembers as well as Guard and Reserve members. The company was nominated by an employee who currently serves in the Air National Guard. This employee has had to deploy two times since joining the company. Despite the hardship of losing an employee for a significant period, co-owners Tony & Marti Davis have guaranteed his position upon his return.

The Patriot Award is the first in the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve’s (ESGR) series of awards. It is awarded to supervisors who support citizen warriors in a variety of ways, such as flexible schedules, time off before and after deployments and granting leaves of absence as needed for deployments.

“My son-in-law is an active duty servicemember, so I know the sacrifice they make every time they deploy. Anything we can do to ease the burden–like letting them know they have a job to come back to—I’m happy to do it.” -Tony Davis, Owner

Bison Pumps are stainless steel hand pumps made in the U.S.A. For use in groundwater wells, the Bison hand pump serves as a back-up water source when disaster strikes. It can be used to pressurize a home’s water tank, maintaining pressurized water throughout the home’s toilets, showers and faucets. With hand-welded components and a hand-polished finished, the Bison Pump is the only hand pump to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

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