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  • On April 9, 2017
  • bison pumps Ltd

Two New Hand Pumps and the Redesigned Quick Disconnect to Become Available February 2014!

Our product line is expanding once again. We have heard your feedback and it was time to address the needs in the hand pump industry. This is what we heard and how we have addressed it:

FEEDBACK: We want a less expensive shallow well hand pump.

RESPONSE: Bison Pumps will have available in February 2014 the new Bison UTILITY Shallow Well Hand Pump. It will have the same Bison Quality manufactured in this pump as our original shallow well hand pump, but with a 2″ diameter body verses a 3″ diameter body.

FEEDBACK: My casing is below grade… my pump is covered by a fake rock… I don’t want people to know I have a pump.

RESPONSE: Bison Pumps will have available in February 2014 the new Bison PREPPER Pump. This new deep well hand pump will be less than 12″ in height with a removable handle. The well adaptor will feature a nipple and spout to attach the piping from the existing electric submersible pump. A check valve, pressure gauge, and braided stainless steel hose will be available to attach to the piping to pump water into the home. Like all Bison Hand Pumps, this pump is a pressure pump and can be used to pressurize any system.

FEEDBACK: I don’t want people to know I have a hand pump… I don’t want someone to steal my hand pump.

RESPONSE: Bison Pumps has developed a new quick disconnect mount for all Bison Pumps with the exception of our commercial pump. Even if you currently own a Bison Pump, you can purchase this new mount and installation tool to convert your existing hand pump to a quick disconnect. It will look like an adaptor on top of an adaptor, but it will be easy to install and remove while maintaining a contaminant-free seal. The hardware will be vandal-proof to ensure no one removes the adaptor from your casing.

This mount will also work with shallow well models for outdoor applications with cisterns and rainwater collection systems. Because freezing is an issue with the condensation left in a shallow well hand pump after use, the mount will allow you to disconnect the shallow well hand pump and store it inside until it is needed once again.

We hope you are excited about our new product developments at Bison Pumps. We certainly are. In the coming month, we will make spec sheets available as well as pricing. Please keep your feedback coming, because you make us what we are… the premier hand pump manufacturer.



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