4" Inline Cylinder

4″ DW Inline Hand Pump Installed by Clyde’s Well Service from Jay, Florida

We are excited to tell everyone about Clyde’s Well Service of Jay, Florida. They are the leading dealer for the Bison Deep Well Inline Hand Pump. We asked Mike Ward the following questions:

1. To what do you attribute your success in being a Bison Pumps dealer? Why do you believe you sell so many? Letting our customers know about the Bison Pump when they call about a Domestic well system. We keep at least one or more of every pump on the shelf. Customers want the pump when they make the decision. This allows us to install the pump within a couple days and keep them happy.

2. You mostly sell inline hand pumps. What do you like about this line of products? The inline pump is unique as it allows for only one drop pipe. This is a safety feature allowing only one pipe in the well with the wire and electric pump. The old cast iron pumps had two drop pipe in the well with pump & wire. I have pulled pumps with two drop pipes in the well with the wires rubbed into and it’s an electrical shock hazard. When I tell my customers this safety feature of only one drop pipe they go with Bison.

3. What is the prevailing reason you hear for customers buying hand pumps? In Florida, we have hurricanes and can go weeks without power. Also the big thing now is Prepping.

4. What are the challenges you face with selling, installing, servicing hand pumps? The number one issue is the price. It seems a little high for the average customer but after you talk with them about not having water to survive normally they will purchase the pump. Bison pump installation is a very simple process. We have been using Bison products for years now and have had only one service call. A simple fix on the handle of the pump.

5. What do you like about Bison Pumps that keeps you using our product? Best part about a Bison, it’s American made! Bison is an extremely reliable pumping system made from quality materials. The team at Bison has worked with us when we had concerns with higher pump flow rates in the inline cylinders. They designed a larger inline cylinder to meet our pump flows.

6. What advice do you have for other Bison Pumps dealers to be successful? Up sale! Up sale! Up sale! Let your customers know what you have to offer. We sell more products to our callers than they even know were on the market. Bison Pumps, VFD’s and water treatment systems are a huge part of our business.

Once again, thank you from Bison Pumps.

Inline Diagram – typical inline installation diagram