Bison Pump Great for Watering the Garden

  • On June 24, 2018
  • handpump, Shallow Well Hand Pump

Jenny lives in a remote area. SO remote that her only source of electricity is her solar panels. It goes without saying that city water is not available to her. Her water for the home AND garden comes from a well drilled near her cabin.

Just outside her cabin, Jenny keeps a greenhouse. She had been using a plastic pump to provide water for the greenhouse and garden. Then one day, it suddenly fell apart. Made of multiple plastic pieces and held together by a few screw clamps, it was poorly built. Therefore, when it gave out, it was irreparable.

Jenny had heard about the Bison Pump towards the end of last year’s gardening season. The demise of the plastic pump provided the opportunity to upgrade to a Bison Pump. After talking with a knowledgeable company representative, it was determined Jenny needed the Bison Model 1900 Shallow Well Hand Pump for her application. A few days later, the pump was delivered. To say Jenny was happy with her purchase would be an understatement! She sent this email recently:

“The pump is awesome! Compared to what I had been using, it puts me on Easy Street.
 I have been climbing down to the river many times each day carrying out a 2 gallon pitcher and a 5 gallon bucket. I was starting to look like Popeye right after he pops open a can of spinach…
I spent a lot of time admiring the design and welding and features of the pump…. So I just wanted to say, thanks. Thanks for getting me into the right pump.”

The Bison Pump is installed just outside the cabin, about 15 feet from the well. Due to changes in her environment, Jenny’s original water source was plugged up, forcing her to carry water from a river just to water the garden! Now she has reliable source of water just feet away from her greenhouse. Jenny was kind enough to send some photos after the installation.



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