Bison Pump a Beautiful Addition to Cemetery

  • On August 22, 2018
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Bison’s Deep Well Hand Pumps are often purchased for their elegant design, especially when installed in a landscaped area. For this reason, we often have cemeteries install a hand pump. Visitors use it to water their flowers or wash up after planting.


The Bison is durable enough to be installed in a public setting but is also a beautiful compliment to its surroundings.


We recently received an email with photos of a newly installed pump at the cemetery in Munster, Ontario, Canada. Below you can see the photos and a quick note from another happy customer:

“We have just installed our Bison pump in the cemetery in Munster Ontario – and I am attaching a picture for you! It takes about 6 strokes to bring the water to the spout and for our purposes it is attractive and functional.

Thanks for all of your help with this project”

hand water pumps

hand water pumps


Being in Canada, the pump must be freeze-proof. Therefore, a 1/8th inch weep hole is drilled into the PVC pipe at the point where it is about a foot below the freeze line. (The freeze line differs depending on your region.) The Bison Pump does hold the prime, but the water will drain back down to the weep hole to prevent freezing. So when using the pump again, you’ll only have to fill the pump back up past the weep hole to get the water flowing. The hole is small enough that it will not affect the pumping output.


If you’d like more information on Bison’s Hand water Pumps, please give us a call at 1-800-339-2601 or you can send us your information here: and one of our knowledgeable staff will be in touch with you.



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