Bison Playground Pump is Low-Maintenance Fun!

  • On March 8, 2018
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Bison’s Playground Pump is a unique, fun product. Like all Bison products, it is made of 304 Stainless Steel. The Bison Model 1900 Shallow Well Hand Pump sits atop a Stainless Steel reservoir tank. The Shallow Well Hand Pump sucks the water from the tank. The tank, however, is connected to a pressurized water line. When the water drops to a certain point, the tank automatically refills! So the pumping fun never ends!

The Bison Playground Pump simulates the action of a hand pump connected to a well or cistern. In fact, it IS pumping from a cistern—one that auto-fills as needed. Kids have a blast seeing the fruit of their labor in the form of a refreshing splash. Many design firms incorporate the Bison Playground Pump into their playgrounds and splash pads to create a unique, interactive area. The pump’s spout can be customized in length so that the water flows into a trough, pool or creek. The hook on the spout is available for hanging a small bucket, allowing children to fill their buckets hands-free while pumping. The spout is also threaded, which allows for more fun options such as a spray nozzle or even a garden hose connection! Kids can manually pump the water and it will come out in a spraying mist. The possibilities for fun are endless with a Bison Playground Pump!

But what about the possibilities for learning? Schools love to install the Bison Playground Pump. The kids learn about groundwater and the science of a suction pump while having fun. “Why does water come out when I lower the handle?” a child might ask. Or even better, “Where is the water coming from?” The Bison Playground Pump, with its unique functionality, allows for the opportunity of teachable moments such as these.

The high-quality pump is manufactured in Conway, Arkansas where we only use American-sourced stainless steel. Bison is so confident in its product that the pump comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the pump is damaged 10 years after the sale, just call the friendly folks at Bison and they will repair it or send the maintenance parts required. The best news is, as long as you maintain the pump per Bison’s manual, you should never need to call Bison!

We recently received this email from the maintenance manager at a park where the Bison Playground Pump replaced an old cast-iron pump:

“We are so happy with our Bison Playground Pump. In terms of maintenance, it is night and day compared to what we had before. As the person who does the maintenance, you’ve cut my work by 100%.”

What kind of maintenance is required? The Owner’s Manual from Bison Pumps specifically says to winterize the Playground Pump. It is a fairly simple procedure and is described step-by-step in the manual. However, suffice to say that the water supply is shut off. Then drain the water from the tank using the built-in drain plug. Next, remove the hand pump. Draining the pump itself is very easy. Just hold the pump at an angle and pump the handle until all the water has drained. Cover the top of the reservoir tank with the provided block-off cover and store the hand pump in a safe, warm place until Spring has returned!

Whether included in a park, playground or splash pad, the Bison Playground Pump leaves a lasting impression with its high-quality, hand-polished Stainless Steel pump and tank with the distinctive feature of hand-pumping water! It’s a new, interactive opportunity for young minds to learn about water.

Check out these photos we receive from happy customers! They are using the pump in creative ways that get kids moving and splashing!

If you’d like more information on the Bison Playground Pump, please call our specialists at 1-800-339-2601. Are you ready to have the most talked-about water feature for miles around? Call Bison today!



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