About Us

Bison Pumps is a part of the Conway Manufacturing Group headquartered in Conway, Arkansas. It is a family-owned and run business. Bison Pumps was founded in 2001 as an off-shoot of a Maine-based plumbing company. From the beginning, Bison Pumps has had a reputation for being the highest-quality product on the market. Demand for the pumps increased over the years, and eventually Bison Pumps was acquired by Conway Manufacturing Group in 2016.

The acquisition allowed Bison to increase production, improve processes and begin product development for other markets. In going from one family business to another, the focus on quality and customer service never wavered.

Bison Pumps provides people with the most valuable natural resource in the world: water. Bison Pumps manufactures the highest-quality pump, designed to last a lifetime. Because when you need it most, Bison Pumps put “The Power of Water in Your Hands.”

about us